ChR1s' Comments


Thoughts on working with the painter- whoever you chose...

Painting a motorcycle even just a single color is an art. From the beginning there are many different artistic skills required such as sculpting and shaping. You need a trained eye and an experienced sense of touch that will give you the information you need in order to ensure the end result speaks for itself.

No job is exactly like another; therefore, it is relatively impossible to estimate with any real precision exactly how long a job may take. If there is anything I would like my customers to understand above all, it is this: when it comes to your motorcycle, your priorities are aligned perfectly with ours. Everyone wants their job done as quickly as possible, especially in the warmer riding months. The higher the number of work orders completed in a week, the more profitable that week is. Naturally we want the jobs to be done as quickly as possible. With that said, you don’t want to compromise quality for speed.

Everyone wants their bike to look the best it can. A bike with no body damage speaks for the competence of its owner. Most all riders have a group of friends or even a club that they regularly ride with. Your riding comrades notice when you get your bike painted. You want your bike to look great; you want to be able to take pride in it. And we know that if it does look great the first question you hear is "Who did the work?". No amount of marketing or money can compete with the impact of good word of mouth "advertising" amongst friends. There is no greater truth and trust in advertising than that which is inherent in friendly word of mouth. If your paint work is the best it can be, then people are going to ask about it. They are inclined to trust a service that is recommended by a friend who already has an example of said work. We all know that painting is an art and we know not all painters are equally skilled. That is why you need to be able to trust the person painting your bike. We are all far more likely to trust a friend's opinion of work they experienced first hand than some random TV ad with a wacky wavy flailing arm inflatable tube man.

Therefore it is obvious that we want your bike to look the best it can also. It really is a rolling business card. Ours is a service that requires quite a bit of trust on the customer's behalf. Who can you trust if not your friends? Thus,we've come full circle. We want you to be thrilled with your paint job. If you are then it is very likely that somewhere down the road we will receive an inquiry from someone who saw your bike and liked it.

I work very hard to earn and keep our customers trust and consequently their repeat business. This is why we have so many long term customers. To whom I'd like to take this opportunity to thank for their loyalty and the many referrals we've received already this year. You guys rock! Thank you! For those of you whom I have not yet met, I hope to have the opportunity to earn your trust in the near future.